By Lauren Monaghan

Practical Parenting

The statistic is pretty sobering: 26% of Aussie kids under four will experience a burn, scald, or fire-related injury.  First aid training company First Aid For You has this advice for keeping your kid safe:

  • Keep hot drinks away from the edge of the counter or table – it only takes a slight nudge for a scalding tea or coffee to fall.
  • Keep handles of pots and pans away from the edge of the cooktop.  Face them away from curious little hands.
  • Place a cold, damp face washer or dishcloth over hot taps and spouts immediately after use.
  • Teach your littlie the difference between hot and cold with picture books.

If your child does suffer a burn, don’t use ice.  Use cool, slow-running water for 20 minutes.  In the show is a good place to start.