Dave the trainer was great and the course was so informative. He was enthusiastic and his knowledge was very impressive.

Michael Tsian & Associates | Guildford NSW - First Aid For You | April 2017

Just wanted to let you know our Year 5 girls were using all that they had learned in your course last holidays! All the younger children were watching and listening, it was a great learning experience for everyone! I was amazed how much information they had retained!

Epping North Out of Hours School Care - First Aid For Kids | July 2016

Thank you so much for coming out to spend time with the children. They loved the experience that was provided.

Kent Road Primary OSHCare | Eastwood NSW - First Aid For Kids | August 2015

Fantastic! Engaging and fun. The kids LOVED the bandaging. Thank you!

Mortlake Out of School Hours Centre - First Aid For Kids | July 2015

One of the best incursions ever! Mel kept the children engaged for the whole time and was wonderful with all the extra info that was thrown at her from baby possums to Bear Grills.

Tempe Out Of School Hours - First Aid For Kids | July 2015

Mary was a brilliant presenter! Entertaining, engaging and informative. She taught very well and engaged the children beautifully. She is obviously passionate about the subject! Thank you!

Oxford Falls Grammar School Vacation Care - First Aid For Kids | June 2015

We had First Aid For Kids on Thursday and the kids have just gone crazy. They have set up their on EWOSHC hospital. They used all recycled materials and it looks so good. They have continued it over to Friday incorporating their bikes and scooter as ambulances.

In the hospital, we have a carpark (with a security guard and tickets), a waiting room, triage, operating room, ICU, X-ray, and a maternity ward! It’s just wonderful to see the children building on the knowledge they learned yesterday. I would recommend First Aid For Kida to all OHSC services.

Ermington West Primary OSHCare - First Aid For Kids | February 2015

Thanks for giving us the opportunity for both parents [and staff] to gain some valuable information together whilst raising money for the kids.

Your Kids Our Kids Childcare Centre - First Aid For You Fundraising | October 2014

Just wanted to say a huge thanks again for today! You did a stellar job and all the mums were very happy with your presentation. We all got a heap out of it and you have made us all feel a lot more confident regarding first aid issues with our bubs.

Sam | Wakerley QLD - First Aid For You | January 2013

A quick ‘huzzah’ to GLCS (Gay & Lesbian Counselling Service) for arranging the excellent session last night. Mary is marvellous!

Twenty10 inc GLCS NSW | Sydney - Apply First Aid | 2012

Thank you for making the course an enjoyable experience and full of ideas to assist us in making changes.  I have already adjusted our policies and emailed the changes to the families, and today one of the mothers brought in her daughter’s puffer and said she had read the email and that she is sorry that she had not left it with us previously.  So thank you so much for making our lives a little easier.

Ponyara PreSchool | Roselands NSW - Asthma & Anaphylaxis | 2012

Very clear, easy to understand, lots of examples of practical situations. Very informative and interesting. Very valuable information, all presented in a very professional manner.

Bankstown Family Day Care - Asthma & Anaphylaxis | August 2012

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