First Aid For You course for kids/children

First Aid for You offers fundraising opportunities to any schools, child care centres, sport clubs and registered community groups who wish to undertake our two-hour First Aid For Families course.


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Download the PDF Fact Sheet → FAFY Fundraising 2014 

How it works

Simply work out the details of your fundraising event (date, per person cost, etc), collect payment, gather your group of people and we will take care of the rest!


Simply put, you charge your guests whatever you feel appropriate for the event. To give you a rough idea, our First Aid For Families course normally costs $65 per person.

You then have two options:

1. We charge you a flat rate of $550. Your centre then keeps any amount made over this.


2. We will donate 20% of the total amount made on the day back to your centre.

For example, if your child care centre organises 20 parents to undertake a Family First Aid Course:  20 Parents x $40 each = $800

In the above example, the $550 flat rate would be the best option for you, as your committee would keep $250!  If you chose the 20% return option, you would only raise $200 for your fundraising committee.

Conditions apply - For more information please Contact Us directly.


This training is provided by First Aid For You, partnering with and under the auspices of Safety Corp Pty Ltd RTO 91694