Image of Mary Dawes presenting infant first aid at a baby shower

Educational AND FUN!

Perhaps not the most traditional activity at a baby shower – but a great way to inform and update all your closest friends and family on some of the most important baby-related first aid!

Babies, children and DADS are very welcome! We have conducted this presentation during the middle of the baby shower or just prior to it starting – so that dads, granddads and uncles can also attend before the traditional shower commences.

We guarantee that this information and demonstration session will be engaging and entertaining, so not to take away from your celebration – but also very informative and so relevant to everyone who will either care for your new baby or have children of their own!

What do we cover?

In this relaxed and practical session each guest will learn the skills and gain an understanding of how to manage the following child-related emergencies:

    • How to perform baby and child resuscitation
    • Identifying and managing allergic reactions
    • Steps in handling a choking baby and child
    • One additional topic of your choice


First Aid For You can also tailor the presentation to include (but are not limited to) any of the following topics, within the 50-minute session:

    • Blood Loss
    • Head Injuries & Fractures
    • Burns
    • Convulsions & Fevers
    • Poisoning
    • Childhood Illnesses
    • Bites and Stings
    • Asthma Management

Duration:  50 minutes

Where & When:  WE COME TO YOU – 7 DAYS A WEEK

Cost:  $200 per session - This presentation is offered at a group rate, regardless of the number of guests, with each guest receiving take-home course material.

This presentation can also be booked for private groups.

Image of first aid being taught at a baby shower, CPR on a baby
First Aid For You teaching baby CPR at a baby shower